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Photography Artwork

Heirlooms are apart of our history. How can we leave behind a legacy if there is no proof we existed? That’s why it’s so important when choosing a photographer to make sure they offer heirloom luxury albums, custom framing, fine art prints, other unique printing options, and so much more. Read more to find out about our newest addition to our studio – beautiful photography artwork …

Photography Artwork

Newborn Framed Wooden Circle from The Original Photoblocks

In the spring of 2019, out of all the photographers in the world I was chosen to bring my artwork to life with The Original Photoblock company. To be exact, only 2,390 photographers are handpicked to offer these special heirlooms to our clients. What an honor it is to introduce these breathtaking pieces to all of you. This company is the original creator of the wooden photoblocks. Each masterpiece is handmade by the small business owners themselves. Not only are the photoblocks handmade but these heirlooms are made in the Netherlands and shipped right to our studio door. Just look at the precious framed wooden circle photoblock I recently ordered for Blake’s parents. I can’t wait to see their reaction when they receive it. And let me tell you, these masterpieces are worth the wait!

Family Photography Artwork

Family Rectangle Heirloom Wall Art from The Original Photoblocks


What are Photoblocks?

Images are printed and adhered to the woodblock (instead of being printed directly on the wood) so photographs retain their high quality. Covered with a protective layer for water and light resistance, each block is created to stand the test of time. The protection layer adds a unique look and the subtle charm of a painted piece *But we strongly recommend that you treat this product with proper care. avoiding getting it wet or excessive exposure to direct sunlight and heat.

How are they made?

Please note: Photoblocks are a beautiful marriage of modern technological photo design and rustic handwork. This process is done entirely by hand by our great team, meaning each is a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Because each piece is crafted individually, the pieces need their own print laying, finishing, coating, and drying time. This requires a carefully allotted timeframe to guarantee the product you receive is absolutely perfect. Sometimes we have to remake a product and that can make the production time longer. Thank you for your understanding. Please make sure you understand and agree to our turnaround times before purchasing.
Family Photography Artwork

The Original Photoblocks are available in several shapes and sizes.

Oval Photoblocks

Newborn Hanging Together Photoblocks

Cloud 8 Photoblocks Wall

Who can purchase these products?

Professional photographers like Tiny Heart Imagery only.

If time is stopping you from printing your photography artwork, we’re the right fit for you & your family. Do you have any more questions? We would love to invite you into our studio in Waco, Texas to view The Original Photoblocks in person. I promise it’s love at first sight!!! Call 254-723-1598 or email us today at!!







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